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Re: Wiser Technology, LLC

Just got a 47 page document from my mother (with another hundred or so pages of supporting materials) that details the inner workings of Andy's criminal mind and the various scams he's been running. It's got internal emails, memos, documents, the works. Needless to say it doesn't reveal anything we didn't already know, but it does add some color to the painting. It's long and full of lots of excuses for why she was naive enough (some would say dumb enough) to continue lying for this asshole after so many red flags and flashing lights clearly pointing to him being a scam, but I'm not going to post it here because...whats' the point?

In a nutshell:
  • Zed/Zeb the private investigator, Gary the Bus Driver, and several other homeless people Andy posed as were fake (duh)
  • Yes Andy is a drug addict (shocker)
  • Yes most of the products Andy claims to have invented were imaginary (again, duh)
  • Yes Andy is a pathological liar (big surprise there)
  • Andy admitted he stole $5,000 from Ryion Butcher (finally)
  • etc., etc., etc....
The only thing that's new is that my mother claims my dad never supported her to the tune of $1,000 per month, but I've seen the receipts, so that's bunk. She claims that most of what we've posted here are lies and distortions, but considering her history of lies and distortions that doesn't hold much water.

Andy's pissed and now claims to be suing my mother (big surprise there). Allen still thinks he's going to make billions from Xtagged and is still Andy's bitch (another shocker). Oh, and Andy claims he's suing the entire state of Utah for being so mean to him...nice!

In other news Andy says that he's plead "not guilty," which I didn't expect. If that's true, then there should be a trial in the next two weeks and VIP tickets to the event will be on sale at See you all in court!

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