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Re: Wiser Technology, LLC

Let's review:
  • Andy claims the charges against him are "false," but a few weeks ago he claimed that the "SEC" had given him a "stay or something" so he wouldn't have to face charges
  • A few months before the "stay," Andy was claiming that I was a liar and that there was no securities case against him at all
  • A few months before that, Andy was claiming that the SEC Investigator had decided not to pursue an investigation of him because they had talked to one of his minions
  • A few months before that, Andy claimed that the detective in Bountiful had decided not to send the case to the state for investigation, had dropped the case, and was "testifying" against Ryion, Kyle, Chris and myself for fraud
  • A few months before that, Andy claimed that there were no complaints filed in Bountiful Utah
  • A few months before that, Andy claimed there was a federal case pending against Ryion and I, that "court" was already in session, and that we were running from our "summons." He even went so far as to claim that the Sheriff had been to our houses several times and that we wouldn't answer the door!
...the pattern here is quite telling. The thing about pathological liars is that they can never remember the lies they've told. I think it's clear that Andy thinks he can just wish this whole thing away. Even above he states:
Notice how their blogging here at or Utah raves never have proof from SEC or any paper work NEVER
It's as if he believes that if he convinces himself that these charges are not real, they magically won't be. He's a fascinating case-study in psychosis!

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