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Re: Biothera Clinics

In response to your post, this is a posting I put on to another site and I've copied and pasted it here for you. I am going to go to court to get my money back. If you'd like to join forces let me know. All the best.

Laser herapy in my personal opinion does work. I've done the research and am very impressed. I am not impressed however with Biothera. Significantly into the 12 month program I have not only seen no improvement from the vantage point of a mirror, I would say it has gotten a little worse even though I also take Proscar which is a drug that stops the production of DHT which is the main cause of hair loss. You'll have to look this up yourself as it is too wordy to explain here. The first problem you need to know is that the written guarantee they give you is not worth the paper it is written on. In person they will tell you that if you don't see a change in 12 months you get your money back ($4000.00) minus the products they give you which is more than fair. Unfortunately the written guarantee states that if there is no improvement ("as determined by ProScope measurement or photos") then you get a refund. The problem is that if the Proscope shows that even a 0.5 square centimeter area of sclap has developed any hair growth or thickness then they deem that to be a success and you don't get a penny back. It doesn't matter that no one can actually see the difference without this 50x magnifying scope. It the scope picks up any change regargless of how small, then you are not entitled to a refund. While discussing this with a staff member, they told me it is not a personal satisfaction guarantee. It is just a guarantee that there will be some change regardless of how don't even need to be able to see it with your eyes for it to be considered a success. This is exactly what they told me.

The other problem is this. This is based on my personal observations so take it as a lay persons opinion but this particular person (me) has done a ton of research. Look up Lars Hode on the internet. He is the scienentist who literally wrote the book on laser therapy. The machine that you sit under for 15 minutes once a week in their office in my opinion is not powerful enough to penetrate any hair on your head down to the scalp let alone down half a centimeter to the hair folicle. I put a piece of paper up to the laser beam and it barely went through the paper with any intensity on the other side. The light on my finger on the other side of the paper was so dim that there is no way it would ever penetrate down into the scalp through the hair. I mention this because my thinning areas are covered up by the hair that I do have (at the front). The people that work there have never told me to brush my hair out of the way so that the laser hits the scalp directly. I do anyway but still I have seen no improvement and I am almost done the 12 months. Biothera has an F rating with the better business bureau which is the worst rating you can get. This is mostly because they do not respond to unhappy clients concerns. Just be aware that the guarantee is for all intents and purposes there to protect them and to bait you into giving them money. Based on my research (which is limited mind you) only one person who has formally complained through the better business bureau has ever gotten any money back. The amount is unknown. These are very unethical people indeed. Govern yourself accordingly.

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