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Re: transforming debt into wealth

I talked to them yesterday and the lady lied straight up and said there would be no further action after the 4.95 shipping and that it was up to me if I wanted to buy program later. I had no CC with me to order so I called back today and this guy told me the truth. 30 day trial then auto bill. He said they had a A+ rating with BBB.

Thanks for the info everyone, I am saving my 4.95. I too, now believe its a scam.

Lets talk about the BBB. Thats the real scam. Someone here said that the program was owned by Robert Allen Media. That may also be true but the BBB says "New world media".

Either way get this, robert allen media has an F rating with 22 complaints and only 1 unresolved.

New World Media, transferring debt..., has an A+ rating with 288 compliants, 250 resolved and 38 "administratively closed" which means "The BBB determined that the complaint could not be satisfactorily settled using standard methods of voluntary dispute resolution".

Hows that for "unbiased". In my opinion, the BBB is, and always has been, one of the biggest scams in the country. I am no expert but they have always seemed like an advertising agency and it obviously seems that they can be bought.

Please understand that I am not supporting any of these companies because I think all 3 are scams.

I say put your faith in blogs and real people that are willing to take the time to tell their story for free. Gotta love the internet!

Check it out for yourself.

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